The Last Credit Card Promotion

The 2009 PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) turned out to by my last Face To Face credit card promotion staffed directly by West Point Promotions, (WPP). My brick and mortar event marketing company for the past seven or so years. During that time West Point has represented a list of medium to very large companies. Petro Canada, Best Buy, IKEA, Future Shop, Save On More Visa, (Save On Grocery chain) and Vancity Credit Union to name a few. I had already began the transition to Webcom Publishing for online initiatives but running both was slowing me down online. The web took a back seat with West Point being the main stay all those years. It was difficult to let go having done it for some many years and having such a great team I felt obliged to carry on. But knowing where my future lay I decided to allow natural attrition to run its course. Which is what happened.  My existing contract came to and end which was perfect timing to call it day and end on a high note. This past PNE generated the highest level of quality, (percentage approved applications for credit) applications for Vancity than any PNE before, I had the best team to date, and if one is going to end, what better way than that. Now I am enjoying working on new an exciting online projects. But ON sad but real note, since then my sales manger TJ (Thomas Moncion) he is in some of the photos below, passed away due to a sudden heart attack. He was just 49. His passing was a sober reminder that time is forever passing and we only have one life to live so make sure you spend time working on things you enjoy. As much as I enjoyed the challenge of face-to-face event marketing it was time for a change.

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