Rock101 FM “Live” @ Phil & Laurie’s Sugar Shack Ranch!

Thursday October 7 2010 DJ’s Dean & Hatch took the Rock101 FM On The Record Show on the road and broadcast live from 2:00pm to 5:00pm from our house affectionately know as The Sugar Shack Ranch.

A few minutes of the broadcast recorded Live @ The Sugar Shack Ranch.

Our friend, Chris Funnel, entered my name as a suggestion on where to have the On The Record Shows AS IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT I love music and still collect and play vinyl records.

The On The Record Show is hosted by long time Classic Rock 101 DJ’s Dean Hill & Graham Hatch.What a Rockin party!!!!  they set up in my office, two turntables on my desk, mixing gear, mics, and proceeded to broadcast their show live FROM OUR HOUSE.

The way the “On The Record Show” goes is, they play selections from my PERSONAL collection. We get requests of course.  It’s the way rock and roll radio was in the day before it went digital.

Have you ever listened to your favorite FM radio station and wondered if the DJs are really like what they sound like? DO they really like to party AND DIG THEIR JOBS or is just a show?  Well I’m here to tell you these guys, DEAN AND HATCH, came and rocked the Sugar Shack Ranch.  THEY WERE SUCH GREAT fun! Might I add legitimate partiers too.  I’m sure libations are likely not allowed on air at the studio, but at the Ranch, off the reservation so to speak, it anyone’s guess.

THIS WAS truly a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. A number of friends who dropped by got a chance to say hi live on air.  How often does that happen? Or Better yet from my perspective, when was the last time the big FM radio station you listen to in the car, cutting the lawn, working around the house, come over to your house, set up in your office and broadcast live playing your records? Unbelievable!

Thanks to Chris for making the suggestion, and Mike at the Station for setting everything up, Dean and Hatch for such an awesome time, and everyone who showed up on a Thursday afternoon to party.



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