Richmond Pump House Pub Rocks Labor Day 2010

Sunday Sept 10 2010

The Pump House Pub located in Richmond BC hosts a weekly Sunday night jam. Sunday September 10 was another long weekend rocker. Locals come out in force resembling what used to be commonplace for live entertainment back in the day.  Sunday nights at the Pump have become one of the busiest nights, and if Monday is a holiday as it was, the house was a rock!

The jam consists of a core group of musicians complimented with regulars who range in talent and skill from some that leave you saying who, to some that don’t. It’s a good time no one is denied an opportunity to shop their stuff. If you are ever looking fro something to do on any given Sunday check out the Pump House Jam. And if the Monday is holiday you’ll think it’s a Friday night at your most favorite rock bar from the day!

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