PubCon 2010 LasVegas – Is It Worth It ?

Can’t believe it’s fall!  Seems like only weeks ago summer was just getting started. An email arrived yesterday about PubCon being held this November in Las Vegas.

I’ve been attending Internet marketing conferences since 2004, this year will be my second time to go to PubCon. The last time was 2006. Think about it, it was September 2006 Face Book had only just opened its doors to anyone with a valid email address, Twitter sent the first “tweet” on March 21, 2006. Things certainly have changed since then! If only I had a Chrystal ball, or attended PubCon 2007.  Technology and Internet marketing are really moving fast these days. A good way stay on top of the latest trends is to attend industry events. However I have to say, coming from an offline marketing background, a few years ago while still very much involved in offline marketing, I was a bit skeptical. I’d hear about new trends and think yah that’s OK for them but its not going to affect my business, well that has certainly changed. With social media, a small company, even an individual entrepreneur can market and reach out to customers in a way that used to only be possible for those large companies that have big budget for traditional advertising. Today social media is a game changer. As small business entrepreneur I now go too as many of these events as I can.  I go with the attitude if I come back with a few nuggets and ideas on how to improve my business it was worth it.

The 2006 PubCon was worth while and a fun time! Check out some pics.

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