Heli Expo is the world’s largest helicopter trade show. This year it was held in the Houston. I attended with my wife representing WestPoint Heli. This was my first Heli Expo and it was impressive. As you will see by the photos there is no shortage of helicopters to see. The Sky Crane was especially impressive. It was very interesting to get up close and see just how big this thing really is.  I was also impresses by the no holds barred massive displays and shows put on by the various exhibitors it’s something to see. As many say, there is nothing cheap about helicopters.  Not to forget there were break out session, is a first class dinner, and many evening hosted events not unlike and other trade shows. Where relationships are formed and strengthened over dinner or a few drinks. Houston was charming. Lost of old buildings downtown. And a lively music scene as well. I managed to take in a jazz band one night that was fantastic. One of the side benefits traveling to thee events.

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