Canada Marketing Summit 2010 – Wraps up

The second Canada Marketing Summit wrapped up last Sunday night in Vancouver. It ran from Sept 23 – 26 and was at the Sheraton Wall Centre downtown. From all accounts it was a step up from last year. Local organizer Rob Toth did a great job of securing a solid line up of speakers and a really good venue, ( THE Sheraton Wall Centre downtown Vancouver. The website was well done, all in all the whole event seemed to go smooth, and everyone I spoke to got something out of attending. The only slight disappointment if that’s fare to call it, was the attendance seemed a bit light. I expected that on the Thursday and Friday when people are working but Saturday was just a bit better than Thursday, still plenty of seats left. From what I’ve been able to find out, the promotion kicked quite late and there simply wasn’t enough lead-time allowed to get the PR job done. I bet that wont be the case next year. I gather plans are already underway fro next year’s event.

For myself I’m glad I went. I take the attitude when attending all these types of events that if I can come away with a few nuggets, a few ideas I can use or take back to my business I’m ahead. Plus I usually make great contacts at these events as well. This event was no different. I made a few really good connections I will be following up with. And I cane away with a few nuggets.

Here are a few examples from my notes. Here’s a tip if you are new to attending these events. Take a not pad and take special note of any URL’s mentioned you hadn’t heard of, books to read, or tips.

The first tip I picked up was Yahoo Pipes. Basically it allows you to aggregate any RSS feeds you like and put them together to feed too any web page you choose. The benefit is you can target the precise content to match that page. The service even allows to filter any individual feed to exclude any post the contain any key words you don’t want, or only fed posts that have the key words you want. Great tip.

The second was offered by Anthony Morrison: Young guy, great presenter, his talk was on making money with affiliate marketing using paid search for traffic. Without getting into the pros and cons of paid traffic vs. organic traffic, I did get a good tip. He uses a paid search strategy that involves reading the advertisers mail. Ya, you collect every piece of junk mail you can find from an advertiser who runs an affiliate program. You will notice that many will direct people to a weird URL. Its will say something like “to take advantage of this special offer go to which has nothing to do with their brand name. What the advertiser is doing is tracking the response of that direct mail piece by measuring the amount of traffic they get to that URL. So you bid on bluehat. Guess what, a lot of people still type the URL in the Google search window rather than the address bar. My wife still does that. So if you bid on those key words you can gain traffic. Think they are off the wall key words that probably wont cost much. So you stand to do well.  I have a new appreciation fro junk mail.

Mark Victor Hanson

Great speaker, very natural in front of the room.  He not only to made a good impression but offered some value. I know a couple of people who got something out of his talk. Myself for one, and James Martell for another. Two things, one a service called, Basically you call into a 1-800 number and dictate your letter, blog or what ever. It transcribes your message into text and sends it to you, great! The other idea is certainly not new but I’d never thought of it for myself nor had James Martell. We all know the value of writing your own book. As soon as you publish a book you often get a bump in the credibility department.  The problem is a book takes a long time to write and what if you’re not a writer. I certainly don’t consider myself one. Though I do peck away at it and do my best for things like this blog.  Hanson suggested taping a series of interviews in your area of expertise then transcribing them into a book. I could do that. What a great idea. Better than that, James Martell already has about 70 Coffee Talk interviews he has done over the past few years, all about an hour in length. How easy is it going to be for him? Instant book almost.  I did say it wasn’t new. But if it was good approach for Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill that’s good enough for me.

So there you have it. A few of the nuggets I cane away with. Yes most of the speakers at these events usually have something to sell, but to gain credibility they have to offer the audience something. And that’s where to look for those nuggets. Keeping your ears open at industry events.

Have a great week,

Cheers, Phil.

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