Ad-Tech SanFrancisco 2009 It Was Big!

Ad-Tech is probably one of, if not the longest and largest running conventions to do with online advertising and technology. This show is where corporate America (and corporate Canada) makes their presence known. Either as an exhibitor, speaking, or simply attending to find out the heck all the online stuff is about anyway. What I assume attracts many of the corporate types to attend could be to do with some of the speakers. Often they will be a senior executive with a company like Coke, GM, Google, you get the idea. The San Francisco show was held at the Moscone Centre and took up three floors. One for keynote and break out sessions, and two floors for the trade show.  The size and scope of the exhibitor displays is definitely as good as it gets. Its go big or go home for the most part at Ad-Tech. My wife came along on the trip with me and as usual we made the trip into a mini vacation. We had a great time exploring the city in-between attending session, and walking trade show floor. If you ever get a chance to go to Ad-Tech I recommend it.

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