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PhilipWatkins.com is for both business and personal interests.  I’ve often found my personal interests overlap with my business interests.  So I decided why not combine my business activities within my personal site. It’s a lot more fun maintaining a site where I have room and freedom. Plus 2010 marks a significant change. Up until 2009, I was managing West Point Promotions,  it’s business was primarily marketing credit cards offline. Working in the off line financial world meant I had to maintain a more traditional corporate image. Which for me was often a shoe one size too small. I pulled it off, but not with out a bitten tongue. These days working in the online world reminds me very much of the sixteen years I spent in the  music business promoting live music, (Watkins Entertainment),  a lot more casual and a lot more fun. The traditional corporate image wasn’t as important. It was all about if you have the goods, and you can get the job done, you get the gig.  It was the person behind the company. Not the company behind the person.  Today that’s how I find the online business community. It’s a breath of fresh air!

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Phil Watkins